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Young lads between the ages of 4 and 16 all around the country will be experiencing a mixed bag of feelings this week as they are expected to return to school this week after the summer holidays. The younger may be brimming with excitement to see their friends and learn new skills whilst the older groups may hold a grudge against the prospect of returning. Whatever their attitude towards the return, they will almost all be wanting to impress.

Returning to school offers them a chance to impress their classmates and most importantly, the pretty girls in the classrooms. Alongside wearing a new designer coat, the best way for them to achieve this impressive impression is with a smart new haircut.

Short on the Sides

It’s the haircut that is everywhere at the moment, from the 1920s gangsters in Boardwalk Empire to teen girls’ favourites One Direction; the short sides and long on top hair style has been the hottest look over the past 18 months. There is a myriad of different looks that can be achieved with this style. Those with straight thin hair can mould the style so it stands straight up to create a striking appearance. Lads with curly or wavy hair can enjoy Simon Amstell-esque mops of hair falling over the shaved sides.

The Harry Styles

This is a job for the more skilled of designer barbers and a haircut for lads who don’t mind excessive female interest. Since bursting on the scene on the X Factor, the Holmes Chapel resident has enjoyed unfathomable interest from girls of all ages. Whilst his charm may lay in the devil-may-care appearance that he perpetuates, his hair is carefully styled. The gravity defying curly mop of hair is growing ever more popular amongst teenage boys.

The Neat and Short

This look is more popular amongst those with darker hair due to the striking difference between hair and skin. The hair is clipped short and the hair lines are kept neat and straight. This look is favoured by footballers such as Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who seem to have their hair cut on a weekly basis. This style is best achieved by a visit to the barber the day before school starts.

New Kings On The Block