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Life is the greatest adventure we will ever have, since it quite literally takes a lifetime to complete, but there’s no denying it often takes its toll. The rat race is brutal, and those that can’t keep up are left by the wayside. It’s quite a depressing state of affairs, but that’s life!

However, every once in a while someone comes along to restore your faith in humanity – a simple act of goodwill that shines like a beacon through the murky smog of day-to-day happenings.

It’s very refreshing then to see a barber looking out for his fellow man the best way he knows how; cutting the hair of those in need without asking for any recompense.

New Yorker Mark Bustos spends his only day off from a busy hairdressing job at an upscale salon scouring the city for up to six homeless people in need of a trim.

Before and after shots of his work, taken from Mark Bustos’ Instagram.

He approaches each person with the same phrase: “I want to do something nice for you today” Bustos explained to the Huffington Post in an email

Bustos intentionally cuts hair for the homeless in open, well travelled areas – street corners or pavements on a busy road – so that the public can watch. He explains that this is “not to see me, but so that others can find inspiration in the good deed, and be kind to those less unfortunate as well.

“Even a simple smile can go a long way”

Mark’s girlfriend also often accompanies him during his out-of-hours appointments, asking each person what they would like to eat.

“One response we’ve gotten is, ‘Nobody ever asks me what I actually want. I usually just get leftovers and scraps,’” Bustos told the Huffington Post.

Mark has been cutting hair for those less fortunate since May 2012. Whilst travelling in the Philippines, he rented a chair from the owner of a barbershop and proceeded to transform some dishevelled looking children.

“The feeling was so rewarding, I decided to bring the positive energy back to NYC.”

Of all the meaningful cuts Mark has provided over the years, one prominent encounter sticks out in his mind.

“Jemar Banks – I’ll never forget the name.” Bustos stated. “After offering him a haircut and whatever food he wanted to eat, he didn’t have much to say throughout the whole process, until after I showed him what he looked like when I was done … The first thing he said to me was, ‘Do you know anyone that’s hiring?’”

If a gesture of goodwill can be as simple as a smile then Mark Bustos’ message can be transferred to all walks of life!

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