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Time for a brief look into Beards During Spring and Summer. Like a wild animal emerging from hibernation after a long winter; millions of men around the world are emerging from behind their winter beard. Grown during the colder climes to mirror the wild weather; beards are often left to their own devices in terms of length and thickness. The lumberjack look is achieved in almost universally. Now as the spring emerges; many men are making the difficult decision whether to eschew their beards in anticipation of warmer weather or hold on to it like the beloved friend it has become.

Those who decide upon the latter can use a variety of techniques to help reduce the discomfort of a thick beard during warmer weather. Keeping the beard straight, clean and smooth is paramount to increasing its comfort. Using conditioner in the beard in a similar manner to hair can keep its healthy and smooth. This will reduce split-ends and in-grown hairs, increasing the comfort exponentially. Conditioning the beard just three times a week will leave it healthy and comfortable.

Visit your barber to keep your beard short and thing during the warmer months. A master barber in particular will be able to keep the beard short and stylish. Logic dictates that the shorter the hair, the less warming its effects will be. Shaving your beard at home may risk compromising its appearance. Visiting the barber once a month will help the beard retain its shape and style throughout the summer months.

During the sunnier months or holidays abroad, it is important that full and sufficient skin care is

undertaken in the sun. It is important to apply sun cream to the skin underneath the beard to safeguard it against potentially damaging UV rays. Beards do not offer complete care and protection against the sun and so the skin underneath is still susceptible to burning. The burnt skin underneath the beard will be even more irritable.

Finally, it is important to exfoliate the skin. This removes any dead skin from the area, which will lessen the itching. Simply exfoliate the area twice a week to keep the skin fresh. This will also alleviate the risk of the dreaded beard dandruff, which can be particularly unsightly during the summer month. Dry the skin afterwards with a hot towel for a calming feeling.

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