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The side parting evokes a range of emotions in its wearers and those who love to run their fingers through the hair. The hairstyle is commonly linked with intelligence and sophistication; fans are often taken by the style’s neatness and sharp look. There are a number of different ways to wear the side parting to suit different face shapes, sizes and hair-lengths.

The 60s Look

Kicking off a look at Different Directions With Side Partings The 60’s Look. A percentage of the success and popularity currently enjoyed by the side-parting is due to the high ratings of television show mad-men. The series concerns the life of advertising agents in the 60s and is widely praised for its highly stylised production. The side parting is a key factor in this stylisation and has been adopted by many of the world’s foremost fashionistas including David Beckham, who traditionally sparks trends rather than following them. The 60s side parting requires thick hair about 5 inches long, so it can be brushed backwards and held with mousse.

The Modern Side Parting

A shorter version of its 60s brother, the modern side parting includes clipped sides and back and about 3 inches of thinned hair brushed lackadaisically to one side. A designer barber will be able to shape the outline of the style to achieve a certain neatness and the body required. The modern side parting is equally adept for work and for play.

The Casual Side Parting

Worn best with a healthy amount of stubble, the casual side parting evokes the straight out of bed look. Attractive without looking over-stylised; the casual side parting when pulled off correctly looks like the wearer got out and bed and simply ran his fingers through his hair to achieve the desired outcome. A barber can thin the hair slightly to make it easier to manipulate into the desired shape. The casual side parting has the added bonus of being very versatile.

The Flat Side Parting

Traditionally the hair style of choice for the nerdy and dorky; the flat side parting has become a firm favourite amongst the more stylish youth since Justin Bieber started wearing it. The flat side parting requires a significant amount of wax to keep the hair down and in-place. This style can suit those with easy to control hair without crowns or difficult to control growth directions. This style requires the regular care of a hairdresser to ensure its upkeep as loose hairs are unsightly and it needs to be kept in check.

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