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With the arrival of spring, you’ll want to put away that heavy winter coat and slip on something lighter and perhaps a bit more comfortable. When you change your wardrobe, why not do the same with your hair style?

Have you been keeping those ears warm over the freezing winter months? Why not free them with the classic short sides with long hair on top style. Ask your barber to keep the sides short, either through using the clippers or if you want a textured look, ask them to use scissors.

For the edgier disconnected look, keep it longer on top and allow it to grow out. Make sure you maintain those short sides. This gives you the chance to style it for any occasion. Try the elegant gentleman’s look by dressing up in your favourite suit and tie with your hair slicked back. You’re sure to have heads turning.

You can go for the casual look with your jeans and leather jacket and adapt this style to fit in. The reason this classic style continues to thrive is because it’s adaptable for every occasion.

Do you fancy a messier look for your spring switch? Keeping with the short sides and long tops, why not create your own style like David Beckham. You can add height or spikes and texture to your style and maybe add a slight faux hawk as well.

You can stand out from the rest and channel your inner Brand Pitt, try a pompadour style. The high volume of hair brushed up at the front characterises this style and ensures your stand out from the crowd.

The sides and back need clippering up to the curve of the head. Make sure you keep the top longer allowing volume to build up at the front to have that unique style. You will need to maintain the hair’s high volume at the front, but it will be worth it.

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