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Anyone who’s ever visited one of our barber shops will know that if there’s one thing we love apart from hair, it’s a boxing legend.

In fact, we have so much respect for champions of the ring that we’ve decorated our latest salon in Blackburn with an enormous photograph of Muhammad Ali in all his magnificent glory.

So imagine how we’d feel if a modern boxing hero like Floyd Mayweather Jnr decided to pay us a visit. Safe to say, we’d be very excited.

Things got a little bit too exciting in a Brixton Barbers this week when the champion turned up for shave. Sitting in his chair, Mayweather Jnr was suddenly accosted by a female customer and things got pretty heated as you can see in this video :


The woman, who seems to really want to let the boxer know that she doesn’t know who he is can be seen in the video getting enraged as she tells him: “I like big fights. If it’s not big, I don’t watch it.”

As the woman carries on with her tirade, the boxer gets increasingly annoyed pointing out that he’s as the highest paid sportsman in the world, he’s rich enough to be featured in Forbes magazine saying: “You know the Money Man? He makes over $100 million in 60 minutes.”

Fair point.

As much as we’d love the opportunity to have an undefeated word champion in one of our barber’s chairs, we think we’ll stick with just the photographs for now. Especially since we can’t decide which one would be more terrifying to face in the ring, Mayweather or the angry lady who doesn’t know who he is…

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