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With the release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, superheroes are taking over this season.

The Avengers have epic skills and they look epic too. Thor, the God of Thunder, has handsome blond locks and a trim moustache. The “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist,” as he likes to describe himself, Tony Stark aka Iron Man has a sharp and instantly recognisable goatee. The Hulk has nothing particularly special about his short black hair but his style reflects his wild side and “Don’t make me angry,” persona. Then there is Captain America, he just has blond hair, I think, I can’t quite remember… he’s not as cool and memorable as the other Avengers so it doesn’t really matter.

Take a visit to Kings Barbers Club to get your hair styled like your favourite Marvel superhero.

This week we are focusing on the hairstyle of Tony Stark, indisputably the coolest member of the Avengers. Whether you just want to look like Tony or you are preparing to wear your Iron Man costume for a fancy dress party, we have the best clear cut tips on how to become Iron Man.


Tony Stark Haircut

Before you can style your hair like Tony’s, you need to visit your barbers to get it cut correctly. Once your barber sees a picture of Iron Man they will know what to do but here are the clear instructions.

1. Starting with the horseshoe section (back and sides), begin at the front of the hairline and cut with horizontal back sections. Cut at a 90-degree elevation at about one fingers depth (1cm). When your barber reaches the back of your head, they should stop in the middle.

2. They should then start the same process at the same point on the opposite side. This will create a symmetrical effect.

3. Next job is to connect your crown section from to the top into the back length. This is so it blends and remains symmetrical on the sides.

4. On the top section, you will want horizontal partings. Elevate the hair straight up from the head and cut square.

5. Then finally, tidy up the edges around the ears and along the hairline.


Tony Stark Hairstyle

Now that you have your hair cut correctly, it’s time to style your hair into the style of Iron Man. It’s fairly easy to achieve by following these simple steps.

1. Apply your grooming cream to towel dried hair and use a comb to find a side parting. Tony Stark has his parting on his left.

2. Next thing is to dry your hair with a hairdryer. We recommend drying it from above, keeping in mind that your sides should be kept back and the top should be pointing forward.

3. When you have dried your hair, fix your parting again and apply your hair wax in the same direction as you dried it. Use your hands to keep everything in place and you’ll have the style of Mr Stark.


Tony Stark Beard

, ,,,Now it’s time to grow the famous Tony Stark goatee. It’s a specific style choice added to the character by Stan Lee and has appeared on every incarnation of the character.,,

1. The best way to get it right is to grow a thin moustache and to cut the beard back along the jawline until it only covers the chin.

2. The beard should extend with a thin strip of hair from the point of his chin up to the corners of his mouth.

3. Stark also grows the centre patch of hair that leads from the bottom of his lip to his chin. This forms two diamond shapes between the centrepiece and the side strips.

With patience and the assistance of a barber you can easily get Tony Stark’s haircut and beard. Just because Iron Man is a billionaire, does not mean his hairstyle costs a fortune (of course, it’s a different story about his wardrobe).

Visit one of King’s Barbers Club barber shops throughout the UK and become Iron Man.

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