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We’re all creatures of habit; we follow routine, stick to the familiar and shy away from the unknown. Apply this to the world of men’s hairdressing and a grim picture can be painted. Most men will stick to the same hairstyle for most of their adult life, and that’s okay for some.

But consider this: a hairstyle can be one of the defining characteristics of your image. People will look on and judge, as they always do, so why not revamp your top mop to create a new image for yourself? Send a message to the world; you are a modern, 21st century male and you’re not afraid to show it.

Chose the do that suits you

There are plenty of modern styles perfect for the modern man to emulate. Varies of the short back and sides are especially popular right now and there’s so many techniques that each style can look wildly different to the next, especially when paired with the unique face of each individual male.

With so many face shapes and hairstyles to suit them it can be quite a daunting decision to opt for a new look. Plenty of trial and error has gone in to choosing the right style to complement a face shape, but we think the best way to seek advice is to speak to the experts. Drop into your local Kings Barbers Club salon and we’ll help you decide which modern look is best suited to your face shape.

Know what to ask for

Chances are you already know what you want, and if that’s the case then more power to you! There’s something about the decisive male patron that we just love. Don’t get us wrong though, ask for a style which we think won’t complement you then we’ll advise you of this; we only what the best for our members.

Regardless, if you know exactly what you want you need to know exactly how to ask for it. Kings Barbers Club can help you with that:

Clipper jargon

Some love them and some hate them, but clippers can we used for a wide variety of techniques. They’re not a tool for a barber to lazily shave away hair that he can’t be bothered trimming manually, so it’s about time they lost that stigma:

Skin fades and tapering – These are very popular right now because they offer a very modern take on a classic – the short back and sides. Tapering is all about varying the length of your hair from one point to the next, where skin fading blends this tapering from longer hair through to short which ultimately blends into bare skin. Use tapering through your short back and sides to offer a modern retelling of this classic cut.

Clipper guards – These determine the length of the equipment used to shave your hair. They’re also known as ‘numbers’, since the different size guards are numbered to indicate their respective sizes. If you want short, tight feeling hair then ask for a number below 2. If you want to be able to run your hands through it, chose a number above 2.

Go bald – Well, maybe not literally. If you’re not a fan of tapering then go for the even shave option. Modern cuts are using very short guards, i.e. below 2, to trim the back and sides back to a very small length. This offers a stark contrast with the rest of the haircut – like wearing a bright pink tie with a pale yellow shirt, though obviously not as flamboyant.

Scissors are just as important

Scissor techniques are usually used to finish off your hairstyle. They’re varied and capable of offering any result under the sun. Here are some we use to create that 21st Century look:

Blunt cut – This is a very neat and angular cut. It’s used to trim hair to the same length, which can have amazing effects on a hairstyle when used in conjunction with the right face shape. The scissors are held horizontally to achieve unity in hair length, and it works especially well for those with soft features in their face.

Point cut – The second technique we use, point cutting is the exact opposite of the blunt cut. The scissors are held at varying angles to snip and trim away through the top of a hairstyle. This presents a messier, unkempt or disheveled result that works perfectly with a very short back and sides in creating a modern look. It’s especially suited to younger males.

Thinning – Thick hair can be the bane of a hairstyle. If it’s too heavy it can’t be styled to perfection. It can also make your hair look untidier or longer than it actually is. The perfect style needs to be cropped to perfection – this is where thinning shines. It can be done with hairdressing scissors or special thinning scissors, which have notched blades to ensure only a percentage of your hairs are cut when the scissors close. Thinning has to be used with caution since, when used to a greater extent during your cut, you could end up with flat, lifeless hair.

As a final note, a hairstyle is personal. It should help display who you are and it should be something you’re proud of, not regret. If you’re thinking about changing your style then we say you should go for it, but if you have any doubt, concerns or questions then don’t hesitate to contact our specialist male barbers today for some free advice; Kings Barbers Club are here to help you.

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