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This year, there are many spy films hitting the big screen. James Bond and Ethan Hunt are returning with the promise of box office success but this time they are accompanied with other iconic spy characters.

Taron Egerton and Colin Firth appeared in the uber-violent and hilarious spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service last year and with the release of Kingsman on DVD we have listed some of the best spy films we’re looking forward to this year.

Without a doubt the fictional spy is one of the coolest characters in film. Smart suits, cool charm and trim hairstyles; the suave spy is the character everybody wishes they could be.

If you’re a fan of spies and espionage, then why not have the hairstyle to match it. Kings Barbers Club shares how to get the best spy haircut.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – Ethan Hunt

Tom Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible series and he has a different hairstyle every time. The most iconic so far has been the hairstyle he rocked in Mission Impossible 2.

For his new film Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Tom Cruise has gone for a different hairstyle. His back and sides are cut short with his top being left long, particularly on the fringe to give it height.

To keep the fringe in place and give it the ‘wet look’ use a touch of slick Muk.


Spectre – James Bond

With the 24th James Bond movie Spectre approaching this November, why not try out Daniel Craig’s hairstyle for the film.

The suave, sophisticated secret agent is known for his sharp suits, witty one-liners and his ability to charm many women. It all starts with the right hairstyle to frame that handsome face.

Start by getting a #2 at the sides, with a very short trim at the bottom. Ask your barber to cut your sides and top with scissors. The technique is called scissor over comb. This gives your hair a softer look to match Craig’s.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E – Napoleon Solo

Henry Cavill wowed the world with his portrayal as Superman back in 2013. He is back this year in a remake movie of The Man From U.N.C.L.E TV show.

Cavill is Napoleon Solo a CIA agent working in the height of the Cold War to stop an evil organisation from using the world’s nuclear weapons.

Napoleon Solo’s hairstyle is the clean cut look with a parting on the left side. The top has been combed over to the right. His style is very reminiscent of an English gentleman. Keep the sides short and the top long. Use a fine-toothed comb and make sure it is wet in order to give the hair a slick look.


Spooks: The Greater Good – Will Crombie

With the return of Spooks (this time to the big screen), we want to make sure you have the hairstyle of Britain’s top domestic spy. Let us introduce Kit Harington, fresh from his success in Game of Thrones and How To Train Your Dragon 2.

Kit Harington is contracted by Game of Thrones to have the same haircut for the duration of the show so for his spy character Will Crombie he continues to sport long locks.

So once your hair is as long as Harington’s, your barber can help you style it and you will need to consider visiting your barberevery 6 weeks to help maintain the shape.

Keep your hair shoulder length, with curly to wavy hair. Depending how tameable your hair is, you may need some wax or holding cream to keep your style in place.

Here are some of the coolest spies coming up this year on the big screen. Now, with Kings Barbers Club you can look like your favourite spy.

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