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The New Year, New You bug is still alive and well and furrowed deep in many people who have pinpointed 2014 as the year when they make great improvements to themselves and their lives. The improvements come in many guises such as improved fitness or greater job prospects and are often quite difficult to achieve. Take the difficulty out of the equation and simply vow to have great hair in 2014. Here are five of the best short hair trends for the coming year.

Slicked Back Hair

For the past 20 years, male hair fashion has gone: Beckham, Emulate, Beckham, Emulate – with the footballing fashion icon always trailed by a team of copycat fans. For the majority of 2013, Becks sported a slicked back cut with shaved sides and neat stubble. Expect this look to enter the mainstream this year, where it was once the domain of hipsters and 1920s gangsters. Ask your barber for an undercut then comb the top of your cut backwards on the diagonal.

Slicked but Messy

A style that adheres to the classic mantra ‘try and look like you’re not trying’ – the slicked but messy look gives a straight out of bed appearance. It is essentially the same haircut as the above but styled with matte or clay product to produce a soft and tousled look. Unlike the above however, it moreso complements a closely shaven face.

Forward Fringe

At the polar opposite to previous entrants on this list is the forward fringe. Again a shaved sides and back truly accentuate this look but instead of combing backwards or to the side, this cut requires the fringe to be combed forward. Those with straight hair benefit more from this look as it relies on a textured and layered form.

Undercut Fade Mk II

Arguably, the most popular hair style for men in 2013 was the undercut fade with tens of thousands of British men asking a designer hairdresser to shave the sides and back and fade into a long top. This look has received an update for 2014 with the positioning of the fade falling about 2 inches. This look can create a better sense of depth whilst retaining the dramatic contrast.

Long Crew Cut

Two of the great military styles combine with the crew cut meeting the Caesar fringe. Ask your barber to cut your fringe on an angle and comb to the side according to the side parting and keep the sides short and shaved.

The Wolf Pack Of Wall Street