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Kings Barbers Club looks at the best and worst hairstyles of 2013.


Zayn Malik – One Direction

So often trumped in the past by band-mate Harry Styles, Malik has quietly gone about keeping his coiffured hair high, neat and precise. He has lost the regrettable blonde streak that adorned the front of the quiff and replaced it with a smattering of stubble. This helps him avoid the pretty boy pitfalls connected with wearing makeup and earrings. The pressure is on now for Malik who, alongside the rest of the group, is constantly in the public’s eye.

Ryan Gosling

It is often spurious and over-reactionary to call an actor a ‘revelation’ but Gosling has become exactly that this decade. Enjoying moderate success before ‘Drive’ thrust him into the stratosphere; Gosling now finds himself in an elite list wherein his image is everywhere, on t shirts and in cartoons, previously reserved for the likes of Rihanna and Che Guevara. Gosling’s ‘acceptable nerd’ style has resonated with an audience tiring of garish fashions being forced down their throats. His slightly lifted side parting is perfectly complemented by his hipster glasses and endless supply of sharp suits.

David Beckham

David Beckham is a constant figure on lists such as these, albeit sometimes appearing in the ‘worst’ list – this year however he has continued to hone his style and compete with men half his age. Retaining the mid-length, slicked back style that he has worn for the past couple of years, Beckham has improved the look by keeping his facial hair shorter than in previous years – the wispy ‘almost beard’ has become the far preferable stubble.


Ryan Cabrera

Despite never making a splash in the UK, Ryan Cabrera still makes this list and many other worst haircuts lists dues do the sheer magnitude of the terribleness of his hair. A mix between Zoe Wannamaker and a spaniel; Cabrera has tried to harness his supposed punk rock roots but has just created a look which has only one redeeming feature – it draws attention away from his woeful collection of tattoos.

Tim Burton

Tim Burton is great at many things: writing, directing and creating chief amongst them; but he is not very good at hair. His hairstyle is almost as haunting as the creepy animated films that he produces. With a hair line that begins about 50% of the way back of his head, Burton has decided to grow it out like a man who is habitually electrocuted when sticking his fingers in plug sockets.


Skrillex must know he looks like a plonker, it is no secret. However, he perseveres with shaving one side of his head then combing shoulder length locks in the opposite direction. Simply inexcusable.

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