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We know it’s hard to believe, but take our word for it Spring is just around the corner. With the promise of lighter mornings, longer evenings and of course more partying, you may be looking at your winter locks thinking it’s time to upgrade that hair style for 2017.

Zac Efron Supporting A Crew Cut

Zac Efron Supporting A Crew Cut - The Crew Cut - Mens Hair Styles 2017

So what’s Good?

Depending on your hair type and face shape the Crew Cut could be an ideal Mens Hair Styles 2017 solution. The Crew Cut is a low maintenance, high impact men’s haircut that although isn’t ideal in British wintertime, does hold it’s own once the worst of miserable weather has cleared.

This traditional haircut has been around for decades. Once synonymous with the armed forces, it’s now popular with countless celebrities including Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt to name a few.

The Crew Cut hair style is perfect for the for a man who wants a look that’s just enough to put a bit of product in, but doesn’t require too much maintenance.

The crew cut can help give your face definition, whilst creating a more athletic and masculine look. It suits most face shapes, and all hair types.

The Crew Cut is a highly versatile style which can be instantly recognised by it’s clipper short sides ranging from a skin fade to a number 4 grade, and it’s finger length top which allows it to be styled forward, backwards into a mini pompadour or to the side in a classic short side parting.


Ryan Reynolds Supporting A Crew Cut - The Crew Cut - Mens Hair Styles 2017

3 easy steps on how to style your Crew Cut at home

  • Clean hair using your favourite shampoo
  • Towel dry your hair or if preferred used a hairdryer to reduce any moisture in the hair
  • Apply a pea size amount of your favourite product onto your hands and evenly distribute the product all over the head ensuring each strand of hair is coated in the product for a textured

and defined style. We recommend using high quality, professional styling products, such as Project Barber. Sculpt into the desired style.

Top Tip: The Crew Cut look is kept looking it’s best by regular trips to the barbers

– Don’t leave it months between visits!

Channing Tatum Supporting A Crew Cut - The Crew Cut - Mens Hair Styles 2017

,,SLXLM​​,, ,, ,,,​If you follow these easy steps you’ll have a professional looking style in a matter of seconds that’s ready for anything.,, ,,,If you’d like to update your hairstyle ready for spring, pop into your local branch of ,,Kings Barbers Club,,,, We have barbershops throughout Birmingham. Our Highly trained members of staff are on hand to help you find a men’s style that suits your individual Hair Type, Face Shape and Hairline.,,

Channing Tatum Supporting A Crew Cut

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