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One of the oldest grooming traditions, the cut throat shave, has come steaming back into fashion. With the advent of new small razors being mass-produced and released just before the Christmas rush every year, the more traditional form of shaving suffered a small downturn in fortune. Cut throat shaving was being viewed as a novelty and a rare treat.

Now, however, the tables have turn and as party of the refined country gent look, the cut throat shave has grown in popularity. Digital Spy Magazine has recently reported a 405% increase in cut throat shaver sales. This has been attributed to the sexy cut throat shaving scene in the recent James Bond film, Skyfall.

In the sexually charged scene, James Bond has his faced shave by his co-agent. James Bond has long acted as the UK ambassador for aspirational men concerned with their appearance. A tuxedo and a Martini have made their way into the public’s psyche as to how a charismatic, sophisticated British man should act. It now appears that cut throat shaving could enter that lexicon of British masculinity


More and more men are enjoying the benefit of a cut throat shave in their Barber Shop. The skilled and steady hands of an experienced barber can produce an exceptionally close and smooth shave with a cut throat razor. This is especially attractive to those who are novices in the world of cut throat shaving. Using a sharp knife in such close proximity to the jugular can be daunting for the inexperienced.

The clean shaven look is best achieved with the cut throat razor. Mass-produced razors seem to be more concerned with gimmicks or adding another blade to their itinerary than producing a quality close shave. Special occasions such as weddings can benefit from the infallibly close shave produced by a cut throat razor.

Internet searches for the terms “cut-throat razor” and “straight razor” have soared in line with the current surge in popularity, just proving The Hot Towel Shave Is Back!

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