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We are currently in the midst of the awards season wherein the world’s best and most beautiful congregate to pat one another on the back. Legends from the film, television and music industries come together to decide who bested whom over the previous 12 months. Whilst the artists and actors alike will be concentrating on their categories and potential victories, the media will be just as interest in who is looking the best. At Kings Barbers we are proud to announce our own awards for outstanding contributions to hair in 2012.

Best Hair

Jay Z isn’t going to win any originality awards for his hair, but its perfect tightness sees him granted the prize. Never a hair out of place; it is rumoured that Jay Z visits his hairdresser daily. Regular trips to the barber are a necessity to achieve such a tight cut. If nothing else, Jay Z deserves the prize for allegedly drinking Cognac out of his Grammy trophy at this year’s awards ceremony.

Worst Hair

Possibly the easiest decision of the year was the worst hair award. The unceremonious title goes to dubstep hero Skrillex. Having one side of the head shave, whilst growing the rest past should length is brave, but then so is swimming with sharks. Both ultimately foolish. The attempt to replicate this look would probably be met with howls of derision from your Barber.

Facial Hair Award

Usually known for his close-shaved faccade, baby features and slightly wooden acting; Ben Affleck turned it all around this year with his directorial success Argo and a great beard. Adopting the classic, full cover look; Affleck looks rugged and mature than ever before. His baby faced appearance has gone the way of JLo and has been kicked to kerb in the most welcome manner. Full and thick but kept sharp by a designer barber.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Never far away from the style headlines is David Beckham. The number of mistakes he has made is about equal with the number of successes that he has enjoyed. However, his current haircut is definitely group in with the latter. A 1930’s style sweep with short back and sides has won our hearts as much as his charitable donation of his full wage from new club Paris Saint Germain to charity. Currently starring topless in a H&M advert to the delight of mums and nans across the country.

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