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If you prefer the clean-shaved look or your profession demands it, there can be a lot of upkeep in keeping your face baby smooth every day. There are also concerns that shaving every day can be bad for your skin. Here is a six step guide to the perfect shaving routine.

Day In, Day Out

Some people may argue that shaving every day is bad for your skin, but as long as you keep your face moisturised, then there should be no problem. Shave at the same time every day to maintain regularity in your skincare and keeps a 24 hour gap between shaves. Shaving also exfoliates skin, removing the top lay of dead skin. However, if your skin begins to look red and worn, put the razor down for a day or two.

Optimum Blade

A straight-edge razor may look very cool and has boomed in popularity since James Bond’s last outing and the sexually charged shaving scene – but an angled multi-blade razor boasts a few advantages. The multi-blade razor catches small irritating hairs and lead to fewer cuts and nicks when used by a new shaver. Save the straight-edge shaves for a special treat when you go to your favourite barbers.

The Technique

Shaving after your hot morning shower since the steam opens up the pores and can soften coarse hairs. If you notice that you are getting in-grown hairs, then it means that you are shaving too close. Shave in the direction of the hairs to avoid further problems. For an extra close shave, re-lather your face and then shave against the grain.

The Right Prep

Full and correct preparation for a shave can help turn an unpleasant, irritable shave into a smooth and successful endeavour. Avoid alcohol-based creams and gels as these can dry out the skin. Use moisturising products where possible and try to include chamomile and aloe products due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

The Aftershave

Use a moisturising aftershave to keep the smoothness past midday. An aftershave that contains aloe will help you avoid redness and irritation.

Cleaning up After Yourself

It is important to replace disposable razor blades every week so there is no opportunity for bacteria and mould to grow. Additionally, clean electric razors with alcohol after every use.

Enjoy Your Hair Freedom