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As the cold weather looms large, it’s the perfect time to grow a full bodied beard. The added warmth that facial hair creates gives the wearer an extra degree of comfort in the colder months. It may be tempting just to allow the beard to grow long, wild and unkempt. However, to avoid appearing like a crazed individual, sufficient beard care needs to be implemented. Here are Kings Barbers’ top tips for perfect thick beard growth.

Condition Your Beard

For those who do not routinely allow their beard to grow, the skin on the face is sensitive from regular shaving. When they allow their facial hair to sprout, they may suffer excessive itching. The skin that is not used to more than a couple days-worth of stubble may grow itchy and begin to rash.

Keep the beard soft to negate itching by washing with hair conditioner daily. This will create a smooth beard rather than coarse facial hair, it will also make the beard more manageable.

Maintain Beard Shape

To avoid letting your beard grow in an ungainly manner, regular upkeep is necessary. Beard hair grows at all different lengths, cutting the beard to a consistent length adds neatness. It is worth visiting your local barber for advice. Your barber is a useful friend who can help shape your beard so it’s comfortable for you and matches the natural dimensions of the face.

Regular Combing of Your Beard

To have a tangle free beard, you have to comb it regularly. Daily grooming will help the beard grow straight and reduce the chance of ingrown hairs. Combing will also remove any food particles that may become entwined within the beard.

Invest in a Quality Mirror

Wall mounted mirrors positioned on the wall behind a sink can make it difficult to see the intricacies of the reflection. Even being a couple of feet away from the mirror can compromise the quality of the reflection. Wall fitted mirrors with a telescopic arm allow the user to move it close and to helpful angles. When trimming or combing the beard, this will benefit the quality of the action and will not lead to mistakes.

Apply Shea Oil to Your Beard

Shea oil adds body and shine to a beard. It may make you think twice about shaving off the beard when the spring sunshine appears next year.

For more Top Beard Care Tips, visit one of our many stores throughout the UK. Kings Barbers Club have a team of professional barbers to attend to all your beard needs.

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