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The days are getting shorter, frost is starting to appear on windshields in the morning and the nip in the air is getting more prominent. Although the summer sun was in general a bit of a let-down this year, most of us kept the Barnet short in case we needed to rush out to catch a few hours of unexpected heat.

Now we can safely embrace the winter and put the number one clippers away. As most of the body’s heat escapes through the head, a healthy crop of hair goes a long way to keeping warm. Here are five Winter Warmer Hairstyles – keep warm without compromising style

The ‘Just Rolled out of Bed’ Look

Perfectly matched with a mid-length beard, this cut is the perfect match of rugged manliness and effortless style. Blow-dry to attain the tousled impression of extra body and texture. Easy and quick to achieve, this style is functional and adaptable to every face type and hair colour. Make sure you get it cut through before you cross the line from effortless rock god to slob. Get the Barber Shop to leave your hair thick and covering the neck to ensure maximum warmth during the winter months.

The Slick Back

Ask your Barber in any Kings Store for a cut shorter of the sides and longer on top the using a healthy measure of wax and high shine pompade, the slick back is becoming the trademark of the clinical businessman. Creating the look of the charismatic, evil genius that you secretly hope succeeds. Keeping your hair long and thick in a slick back increases the warmth whilst adding a sense of height and importance to the cut. Perfect if your boss is all business and unappreciative of the ‘Just Rolled out of Bed’ look.

The Bieber’s

Now that Justin Bieber has ditched his trademark haircut, it is safe to re-emerge from the Hairdresser in Birmingham and let your fringe swoop cosily across your forehead. No longer will your friends correctly ridicule you for having the same hair as the teen heartthrob, this haircut can once again be worn proudly. Enjoying large coverage of the head, the Bieber look helps keep the heat in.

Curly Mop Top

If you are hoping to attain the sensitive indie look whilst keeping your head nice and toasty, then this cut could be for you. Although slightly more high maintenance that the others, this style will set you apart from the crowd and will draw envious looks from skinheads. Make sure you ask the Barber for a blunt cut without compromising the length. Once cut use curl cream for texture and blow dry with a diffuser for shape.

Shoulder Length

The look more commonly associated with the Californian surfer scene than a Barber Shop in Birmingham, the shoulder length makes a strong statement about your personality. If you are trying to exude a relaxed aura, the shoulder length is perfect. Suiting both clean shaven and bearded faces, the shoulder length may be famous in warmer climes but it is more practical in the British winter covering the neck perfectly.

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