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If like me, you enjoy having hair, ask yourself, is my hair healthy?

If your hair care routine involves washing it most days with whatever shampoo happens to be in the shower, giving it a good old towel dry before blasting it with a hair dryer and slapping in a bit of putty the mrs picked up from the pound shop, your hair could probably be in better condition.

Check out these simple hacks to guarantee better looking, healthier hair.

1. Don’t Shampoo Everyday

There’s nothing wrong with washing your hair everyday, but you don’t need to use shampoo everyday. Overuse of shampoo strips the hair of it’s natural oils needed for a healthy shine, leaving it lifeless and dry. Aim to only use shampoo twice, or a maximum of 3 times per week. All other times, only use water and conditioner – This will give you healthier looking hair within a couple of days, especially if you suffer with a dry scalp.

2. Don’t Be Aggressive When Towel Drying

Hair is fragile and prone to breakage, particularly when it’s wet. Instead of drying your hair as quickly as possible with a rough towel, try to remove excess water in the shower using your hands, and then gently pat dry with a towel, or better still, a cotton t-shirt which creates less friction. Try to avoid tightly fitting hats for the same reason.

3. Don’t Go To bed With wet Hair

For the same reasons as above try to avoid going to bed with wet hair. We tend to move around a lot in our sleep which creates friction on the pillow. If you have no option but to go to bed with wet hair, consider switching to a silk pillowcase to reduce the friction and decrease the chances of hair breakage.

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4. Invest in Argan Oil

Add an Argan oil to your routine and you’ll never look back. It makes your hair smell amazing, and makes it shiny, soft and smooth. Because Argan oil is similar to the oils our naturally creates, it also helps with dry scalp, split ends and dandruff. Unlike other oils, Argan won’t leave a greasy residue as the excess evaporates.

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5. Say No To Dying, Bleaching or Perming

Chemical agents such as ammonia can really damage your hair, rendering it dry and unable to hold onto its natural oils. If you really want to dye or perm your hair, that’s fine, there’s no reason why you can’t as long as you follow our other points to ensure you hair is as healthy as possible.

6. Beware of Excessive Heat

High temperature styling tools such as Hair dryers and straighteners are notorious for weakening the fibers of our hair and causing breakages. Heat protecting treatments, such as Argan Oil can be used before applying heat to protect the hair – Or if you prefer, simply use the cold air setting on the Hairdryer. Although it may take a little longer than a heat setting, your hair with appreciate it.

7. Show Your Barber a Photo

So you’ve got a picture in your mind of how you want your hair to look. You think David Beckham’s iconic side part is the way to go, so you tell your barber you’d like the Beckham. However you end up with Beckham’s 2009 buzz cut. It happens. To ensure you and your barber are on the same page, show them a photo on your phone, or better still, a magazine clipping or printout for your barber to refer to throughout the cut. This will also give your barber chance to give recommendations based your your face shape or hair type before the service begins.

8. Limit Exposure to the Sun

Heat, UVA and UVB rays are all harmful to both the hair and scalp. If possible try to get some shade in particularly strong sunlight, or wear a loose baseball cap if you know you’ll be out in strong sun for a prolonged period of time.

9. Have You Hair Trimmed Regularly

Whether you’re growing your hair out or prefer a shorter style, regular haircuts are an important factor in maintaining healthy hair. Your day to day routine naturally causes damage to your hair, but a regular trim will get rid of any damaged, broken or split ends. Your barber won’t mind if you only have the back and sides cut, or the very ends cut off, which will promote natural hair growth.

10. Use a Good Hair Mask

A good hair mask can add thickness and shine into lifeless hair. We recommend either an Avocado or Coconut oil based mask as they are a more natural product and molecularly similar to your own natural hair oils. Simply leave in for 20 minutes once a month before a shower and you’ll see an incredible change in your hair’s condition.

11. Thinning Hair? Switch To Matte Products

If you suffer with thin or thinning hair, it’s time to switch to a matte styling product. Matte styling products absorb light, making your hair look thicker and fuller. If you’re still using a product that creates shine, this will reflect light from your scalp, literally highlighting the problem.

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12. Need Volume? Blow Dry Upside Down

If you’re looking for extreme volume and height in your hair, harness the power of gravity and tip your hair upside down whilst blow drying. This will create a great structure for your hair before applying product, allowing you to achieve the height you want, without using a tonne of styling product.

13. Let Your Hair Breathe

Once in a while, after a shower let your hair dry naturally, and avoid using any styling products such as Gel, Pomade or Clay. Stress to the scalp and hair can cause hair loss, so giving it a day off will work wonders for your hair. Combine this with a hair mask or some Argan oil and you’ll reap the benefits for weeks to come.

14. Use Less Product

Too much of any product, such as Gel, wax, Clay or pomade will make your hair heavy, unnatural and dull. If you find yourself needing extra product to maintain a style, it may be because your hair is too thick. Ask your Barber to thin out your hair, this will keep the length, but takes out the density making less likely to collapse from its own weight.

15. Don’t agitate that greasy scalp

The natural oils in hair are created by the Sebaceous Gland which is attached to the hair follicle. Overly greasy hair is either caused by a buildup of these natural oils or an overactive sebaceous Gland. When stimulated the Sebaceous Gland will create more oils. If you suffer with a greasy scalp, be very gently when washing the hair, as to not over stimulate the Sebaceous Gland.

16. Use a Pre-Styler

If your looking for stronger hold and a thicker finish without using more styling product, a quality pre-styling product would be a great investment. We recommend Sea Salt Spray to be applied to wet hair before blow drying. This will help shape and hold the hair, even before you have applied your usual styling product. Sea Salt spray will create a thicker look to your hair as the salt grips to the hair.

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17. Pick The Right Moment for a Haircut

Although your barber will try his hardest to give you the best haircut, at peak times, when the queues out the door, they may feel under pressure to please everyone. If you can, come in a quieter time such as early morning or midweek, This allows your barber to spend extra time on your hair, creating a masterpiece you can both be proud of.

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