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As the festive season approaches us, more and more excuses to rock out around the christmas tree present themselves. But there’s one festive tradition which can prove to be a social minefield, The Work Christmas Party.

If you’ve ever felt the need for a sudden career change in January because you hit the Festive Spirit a little too hard with Amy from HR, this ultimate guide on how to survive the Work Christmas Party is for you.

1. Don’t party too hard

So your workplace has been kind enough to put on a free bar.

Do you, Option A: Guzzle as much as you can because free alcohol tastes so much better than regular alcohol?

Or do you Option B: Drink in moderation and enjoy watching the shenanigans of everyone who chose option A?

If you chose option B, you are onto a winner. The easiest thing to forget at the work christmas party is that you’re technically at work. Your actions, although after a few pints may be forgotten by you, probably won’t be forgotten by your boss.

TOP TIP: Alternate your drinks. A regular Coke looks very much like a JD and Coke to the untrained eye.

2. Dress to Impress

Although you’re in party mode, you’re still with your colleagues so dress to impress. That being said, there’s something uniquely embarrassing about over- or under-dressing so it’s worth casually asking colleagues what their plans are before settling on a style. Multiple studies have shown that dressing for success can actually make you more successful, so it’s important to look the part even when you’re in party mode.

3. Keep it Sharp

So you’ve got your outfit on lock, make sure the ensemble doesn’t get let down by Scruffy hair and an unkempt beard. The last thing you want is people thinking you’ve come in fancy dress as Santa.

Remember, the run up to Christmas is a notoriously busy time for Barbershops and a lot of Christmas parties are happening at the same time. It’s never fun to show up the Barbershop and be greeted by a massive queue of gent’s who have all had the same idea for that last minute shape up.

TOP TIP: Book an appointment for free at Kings Barbers Club and spend more time doing the things you want to do before the Christmas Party.

,,Beat the Queue, book your appointment: HERE

4. Don’t jump your crush

Despite the fact you’re feeling relaxed, you’re looking the part and Amy from HR can’t keep her eyes off your fresh new skin fade, the work Christmas party isn’t the time or the place for drunken hook-ups. Be careful not to take that Flirting too far, unless you don’t mind being hot topic for office gossip on Monday morning.

5. Mingle

Having good mates at work can turn an average job into a great one. But that’s no reason to spend the entire evening hanging out with the people you talk to everyday. The Christmas party is a great opportunity to get to know people in other departments and people you wouldn’t normally get a chance to speak too. This is a great networking opportunity, so use it wisely and make sure you’re not remembered for the wrong reasons.

6. Don’t talk about work

The Christmas party is just that, a Party. It’s not overtime where you can spend a few extra hours getting into the nitty gritty of the latest project. This is a chance to show off that your not all work and no play, so relax and talk to your colleges about their interests. If you get a bit chatty with your boss, remember that it’s not an appropriate time to discuss that pay rise or promotion you think you deserve, some things are best left to office hours.

7. Find a party Wingman

So you go in with good intentions of being on your best behavior, but the free bar ends up to be a bit more persuasive than you imagined. Get yourself a party Wingman and keep an eye on each other. That way if either of you get a bit too carried away, you can both grab an Uber before it gets too messy.

8. Have a great time!



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It is possible to have a great time at the Work Christmas party, and let your hair down. Get to know your colleagues in a relaxed environment, but don’t forget that your technically on works time and have to face these people Monday morning.

From all of us at King Barbers Club, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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