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The structure of African Caribbean hair is particularly sensitive. The curls and twists in the hair can make it vulnerable to unruly tangles or even potential breaks.

It’s a daily demanding regime of gentle grooming to ensure no damaging pulls of the hair and prevent future hair loss. However there are services and products available to give your hair the extra bonuses it deserves.

Here is our 5 top tips of treatments for maintaining a healthy, natural style.

Replenish Dry Hair

Moisturising your hair is a must for Afro hair but that doesn’t mean shampooing should be forgotten. To provide the best care for your hair, you need to know how often your hair needs to be washed. As Afro Caribbean hair is prone to dryness, you may want to shampoo your hair only once or twice a week as Afro hair is known for becoming less greasy than other hair kinds. Know what your hair wants.

Return Oil To Your Hair

Not cooking oil. Although Olive Oil is known as a useful emollient to return the useful nutrients needed to replenish hair, increase scalp health and prevent dandruff – a home remedy for dry hair victims. It’s best to read recipes before making your own remedies. If you don’t feel brave enough to create DIY hair care, there are also oil hair treatments available. Jojoba oil and Argan oil are some of the best therapies and they also add a refreshing natural fragrance. After washing your hair, massage a few drops of oil (depending on hair length) over your towel dried hair and leave to soak in to help restore a strong glow.

Reduce The Stress

Afro Caribbean hair, as we have already said, is delicate. However despite its tender nature, the hair has a habit of being disobedient and hard to manage. To tame the beast, braids and tight pull backs are normally used to force the hair into shape. Loosening braids or removing them altogether will stop putting the extra strain on your sensitive hair.

Visit Your Barber Salon

Your barber is the lion tamer of Afro hair. Visits and talks with your barber can give you helpful suggestions on how to care for your hair. If you decide to lessen the stress of your hair and go ‘au naturel’, your barber can trim and manage your hair more effectively to suit your needs.

Love Your Hair

This does not suggest you should announce your undying love to your hair. True, there’s nothing wrong with telling your hair how you feel, now and then, but just caring for your hair is one of your best tools – and it’s free! Careful brushing of the hair with soft brushes instead of hard tip combs will lower the chances of damaging pulls when dealing with tangled hair. Even when you dry your hair, be gentle as forceful rubbing can cause damage too. A bit of patience and loving care is a healthy shine for great hair.

If you want more information, please contact Kings Barbers Club – the hair style barber professionals who can offer advice and services for your hair needs.

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