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Halloween’s great but it’s been done, and then done some more. You’ve partied your way through years of bloodied doctors outfits, zombies and probably a few costumes that at the time seemed pretty damn spot on but now, looking back, make you regret your look almost as much as the time you ate a six day old kebab with extra chillies and garlic sauce, because your mate dared you to. We’ve all been there. But this year Halloween is different. This year it’s all about looking scarily good. And it’s all thanks to Birmingham’s very own Peaky Blinder ganglord, Thomas Shelby.

Master the Ultimate Men’s Hairstyle for Halloween 2019

Peaky Blinders has been a massive hit and it’s easy to see why. It’s got a volatile gangster family, violence, sex, drama, jaw-dropping twenties tailoring and – most importantly – some truly spectacular hairstyles. The best bit? It’s the male leads that sport some of best-groomed looks. These are haircuts for men that stand the test of time. Classic meets modern, style meets sultry. This is 1920’s rehashed for 2019, and it’s going to give you style like you’ve never known before.The Shelby men’s iconic hairstyles are effortlessly cool, daring enough to give a nod to your edgy side but fashionable enough to turn heads as you party till the early hours. It’ll have you feeling all levels of mobster cool and will keep you looking on point till you roll into your Uber at the end of the night.

And with Halloween just a few days away, there’s no better time to don a Tommy Shelby. What makes Tommy such a perfect go-to for your Halloween inspiration? He’s feared and notorious, a killer who knows how to get exactly what he wants – and he looks impeccable while doing it. These Birmingham boys know how to look good while being bad, and that’s what Halloween’s all about, right?

How to get Thomas Shelby’s Hairstyle…

Tommy’s cut is a texturised crop. On the back and sides it’s short but not completely shaved. The top keeps some of its length and is styled with a fringe sweeping across to either the right or left. When you book your Halloween appointment at your local Kings Barber Club, just ask for the Tommy. We’ll get you looking like a Shelby in next to

no time.

“Is the Tommy Shelby Cut Right for Me?”

If you’ve got high and well-defined cheekbones then yes, go for it. You really can’t go wrong. Much like Cillian Murphy – the actor that plays Tommy – you’ll be able to make the style work. with little effort. Don’t have the cheekbones? Fear not, there’s still hope. Oval and defined face shapes work brilliantly with this style too.

“How Long

Does it Take

to Grow Out?”

Like your locks but want to give the texturised crop a go for Halloween? No worries. In just a few weeks you hair will be well on its way to growing back to its full glory. On the other hand, you may love your new Shelby cut so much that you come back to see us to sharpen your new look!



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Now, all that’s left to do is to sort yourself the perfect three-piece Peaky suit. Be sure to stay true to the twenties vibe with heavy fabrics, a good pair of solid boots and the trademark baker boy cap. And remember to party like it’s the 1920’s, by order of the Peaky ******* Blinders.

How to grow your Mo…