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The summer holidays are drawing to a close and for 4 -16 year olds this means a mixture of dread and excitement for the new school year.

This is the time when boys are looking to find a new haircut for school. At Kings Barbers Club we have seen the most popular hairstyles for teenage boys at the moment. There is a mixture of hairstyles for short and medium hair.

We have picked the top four most popular back to school hairstyles for 2015.

Short tapered boys’ haircut

Tapered boys’ hairstyle is an easy to maintain hairstyle and is a popular choice for teenage boys. The sides are shaven short whilst the top is left long so you have the option to style or leave it natural.


Fauxhawk is another popular boy’s haircut. The sides are trimmed shorter, leaving the top of the hair longer. One of the best things about this hairstyle is that it can be easily styled and stay within school regulations.

Modern cowlick

This is another hairstyle for short hair which is ideal for boys with coarse hair; it gives the appearance the hair is wet. The style has defined edges and a slight undercut and requires styling to keep smart.

The Side Part

The side part is an old hairstyle which made its original appearance in the 1940s and has made its reappearance in recent years. When looking to have a side part, it is important to find a good barber. The hairstyle requires the top of the hair to be long so a parting can be added and the hair is then combed to the side. Styling products may be needed to help keep the hair in place. The style looks neat and sophisticated.

Kings Barbers Club barber shops can be found throughout the North West and the Midlands. If you are looking to get a new hairstyle for school, visit one of our barber shops today.

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