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The ‘hipster’ craze is not showing any signs of slowing down as US and UK men start spending thousands on beard transplant surgery to complete the look. Not content with simply investing in lens-free thick glasses and t shirts with 80s pop culture on – these wannabe hipsters are undergoing surgery to get the Mumford & Sons look.

A New York surgeon has revealed that he is performing beard transplants nearly every day, costing up to $7,000 a pop. The procedure involves healthy hair follicles from the top of the head, capable of producing thick hair, being surgical inserted on the jaw line.

Dr Jeffrey Epstein revealed: “Whether you are talking about the Brooklyn hipster of the advertising executive, the look is definitely to have a bit of facial hair.”

A number of men seeking the procedure have even requested that their facial hair be modelled on an idol of theirs with the Brad Pitt and Tom Selleck looks proving to be particularly popular at the moment.

Many men seeking the surgery feel compelled to do so due to the lack of options available to them if they cannot grow a beard. Being granted the capacity to grow facial hair enables them to go for a myriad of different looks including clean shaven, light stubble or full bear.

After a successful transplant, the follicles are permanent and will continue to produce healthy hair for the follicles natural stay of execution. This means that a beard will grow back even if it is fully shaved off at any point.

One patient Dr Epstein’s happy customers explained: “I am very pleased with the results and have even grown a full beard that I keep trimmed to a fairly short length.

“This gives a clean look without looking too scruffy and dishevelled. Of course, the compliments are abundant, and that is a good thing too!”

The surgery incorporates the same procedure as top of head hair replacement therapy that has soared in recent years as the technique has been perfected. Celebrities such as Wayne Rooney have publicised the surgery having partook personally.

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