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With the news of his high-profile move to Paris Saint Germain and his charitable pledge to donate all of his wages to worthwhile causes; David Beckham is back in the headlines again.

Since he lobbed Neil Sullivan from the halfway line, hardly a week goes by when Beckham has been out of the headlines. Although it has usually been for footballing reasons, the ex-England skipper has made many rumbles with his style and haircuts over the years. Some of them have been questionable *cough* sarong *cough*, but many have been trendsetters.

Here are some of the highs and lows that David Beckham’s hair and hairdresser have faced.

Curtains Hairstyle

When David Beckham first burst onto the scene as a Premier League footballer and sex symbol, he was sporting a classic 90’s look: curtains. Thankfully this look has not yet made a comeback into popular society but the laws of fashion dictate that popularity is cyclical.

The Skinhead Hairstyle

Even after kicking Diego Simeone and effectively eliminating England from the World Cup; David Beckham struggled to maintain a ‘tough-guy’ image. The skinhead hairstyle was an attempt to perpetuate his professional approach to the game. Never a hair out of place, Beckham looked like he meant business thanks to weekly visits to his designer barber.

The Alice Band Hairstyle

Always keen to embrace the continent; Beckham adopted the staple of European footballers: the Alice Band. Although the Italians are better known for their love of Claire’s Accessories; Beckham sported long slicked hair held back by an Alice Band for a considerable time. Unconfirmed rumours suggest that Beckham never headed the ball during this period.

The Mohawk Hairstyle

Now an ever-present in the Premier League; David Beckham was a relative early aficionado of the Mohawk. The likes of Djibril Cisse and Mario Balotelli have taken this hairstyle to new and unusual places in recent years with unusual colourings and designs. Rather than going for the scrappy look created by a mate and a pair of clippers, a barber can help you replicate Beckham’s Mohawk perfectly.

The Bearded Man Hairstyle

Forever cursed with a childlike grin and a soft, whispy voice; David Beckham grew a beard as an apparent attempt to confirm his masculine credentials. Shaved closed enough so his trademark cheekbones were visible for the editors of glossy magazines; bearded becks still erred on the side of metrosexual.

David Beckham has sported many different hairstyles throughout the years and it’s apparent his hairstyles journey will not finish for a long time. He will continue to grace us with more highs and more lows but hopefully we will never see the dreaded return of the curtains hairstyle!

If you are inspired by one of Beckham’s many styles, take a picture and bring it to your local barber. Kings Barbers Club are traditional barbers who are trained in re-creating modern styles, visit one of their many barber shops throughout the UK.

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