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We are three quarters of the way through the month of Movember and many of your mo’s will be coming along nicely now, but it is probably nearing the time for your monthly haircut. Those who traditionally don’t entertain facial hair may have something of a conundrum on their hands when choosing a haircut that will suit their newly adopted mo. Here are a few options for when choosing the haircut to suit your mo.

The Cave Man

By far and away the easiest and least time-consuming option is to let your hair grow. This option is only really viable however if you have grown a beard in tandem with your moustache. Letting all of your hair and facial hair grow can create a strong and intensely masculine appearance. This look can intensely divide opinion amongst the missus’ though so make sure that you check with her indoors before you commit to the cave man look.

The Circus Strongman

This is possibly the look which will earn you the most respect amongst your mo bros, shaving your head and waxing your moustache gives you the classic appearance of a circus strongman. A skilled barber can give you a close shave around your head and beard to make sure that the moustache sticks out in contrast to the perfectly bald areas of the head.

The Hipster

Moustaches have really roared back into fashion in the hipster world in the past couple of years and Movember represents the perfect opportunity for you to really become a part of this community. A designer hairdresser can give you a perfect replication of the classic hipster look – shaved back and sides and medium length top combed into a sharp and strong side parting. You may find yourself wanting to keep your mo after the month has ended with this look.

The Country Gent

Available to only the manliest of men who are able to grow full and thick mutton chops – the country gent look makes the moustache one with the sideburns and haircut. Keeping your hair to a sensible length, grow your sideburns until they meet the moustache – giving the impression of a country gent wearing a helmet made of thick hair. This look is best accompanied with a farmer’s jacket and a hunting dog.

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