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Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, the festivities are almost impossible to avoid at this time of year. Jingly tunes blare from shop radios, the television line-up is bombarded with adverts for gift ideas, toys and jewellery and at least once a day you will be told ‘it’s only X days until Christmas!’ by an overly cheery soul. So even if you are something of a scrooge, sometimes it is best just to get into the spirit of Christmas. Here are a few tips for preparing yourself for the ‘big’ day.

Up the Exercise Regime

If you treat your body like a temple then the Christmas period may be one of painful and unrealised temptation as a myriad of different foods, drinks and treats seem to find themselves in your cupboards. Increasing your exercise regime can give you that little bit of leeway to indulge at Christmas so you can attack the advent calendar chocolates and mince pies with carefree abandon. A simple extra few miles on the treadmill every week should help regulate your body’s metabolism to keep you trim and fit.

Buy a Christmas Jumper

There are always people who get far more into the spirit of Christmas than anyone else and insist upon others joining their level of celebration. It is almost inevitable that you will be cajoled into wearing an embarrassing Christmas jumper or piece of festive clothing so do it on your terms. H&M and Topman stock a wide range of Christmas jumpers that are festive but fashionable. Something simple and understated yet unmistakably seasonal should placate the fervent festive fans.

Avoid Christmas Music

Whilst this may seem to be a completely un-Christmassy thing to do, it is certainly a recommended investment. Every year, the music seems to start earlier and earlier and by the time Christmas day comes, they are certainly grating on you. Avoiding them will mean that they will be less irritating on Christmas day where there is very little opportunity to do so.

Fix-Up, Look Sharp

One of the greatest thing about the festive period is that it is often an opportunity to see old friends as everyone comes back home to congregate. A sharp haircut from a designer barber should suitably impress the old gang. Likewise, it may be enough to get that pretty girl back from university under the mistletoe.

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