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We’re reopening! Here’s what you need to know…

It’s time to wave bye-bye to those overgrown locks and impromptu wild beards because we’ve got some great news – we’re opening our doors once again on the 4th of July!

Before we tell you how much we’ve missed you (what can we say, it’s true!), rest assured we have been busy making preparations to ensure your visit to us is a safe one. So while your experience may feel a bit different you’ll still leave looking pretty darn good, if we do say so ourselves.

What our ‘new normal’ will look like?

Until full normality resumes we’ll be doing things differently here at Kings Barber Club. We’ll not be offering the full menu of services but you can book skin fades, a Kings cut, a Princes cut, or a beard restyle. Let’s face it, whichever you choose after months of watching untamed hair growth in slow motion, a visit to us marks your entering into a transformation akin to a rebirth, be it a hairy one at that.

How we’re keeping you, and our teams, safe

From the 4th of July we’ll be open seven days a week – that means plenty of appointments to go around. We want to run like a well oiled machine when we reopen. To do that, we’ll be operating a pre-booking system only, no walk-ins just yet please. It only takes a couple of minutes to book and it means we can dedicate extra time between clients to keeping everything super clean!

Our barbers will be wearing a visor as well as disposable gloves and disposable aprons. So yes, there’s every chance it’ll look like your barber has just been cast in the next Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster, but unless they confirm that to be true it’s best to assume they’re just taking every precaution under the sun to protect us all from Covid-19.

Will we be sanitising all stations and chairs after each client? Yep, you betcha. And we’ve temporarily put our lovely soft towels away; in their place we’ll be using disposable ones. You’ll even notice we’ve added cubicles between each client to be extra safe – consider it your very own VIP area, if you like.

All of our barbers have completed their PPE health and safety training from the National Hairdressers Federation and have their Barbercide certification. We’re proud to know what’s what when it comes to Covid-19.

What We Need You to Do

There are a couple of things we ask of you in return. We’re providing a disposable mask and gown for each client, along with copious amounts of hand sanitiser strategically placed for ease of access. Please wear the gear we’re providing and please indulge in a few pumps of hand sanitiser before and after your appointment. Don’t say we never treat you.

We also ask that you don’t wait in store unless you are accompanying an under-16, though they too must socially distance please. Fewer people in store at any one time means we keep risk low, which is what we all want, right?

You’ll notice when you book that there is a small £1.50 safety levy added to the total cost of your appointment. It’s a temporary charge to help us provide everything you need for a safe visit and it’ll only be added in the short-term. As soon as ‘normal’ returns and we can put the PPE away we’ll scrap the levy. Promise.

A Huge Thanks!



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We know this gets said a lot but we really mean it when we say thank you for your support. It’s a tough time for us all so to know we’ve got amazing loyal customers out there eagerly waiting for us to re-open really means a lot. Aw, you guys. See you soon – get booking!

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