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Currently known as the biggest show and television; Game of Thrones made a scintillating return to our screens this week as the third season kicked off. Depicting a fantasy world not too far from ours, millions of people around the world have been captivated by the plot-twists, violence and aspirational characters that are depicted by a team of skilled actors. Incredible wealth and poverty are both depicted on screen granting the audience a vision of a full and complete world. Many of the stars of the show have become icons around the world; here are a few ways of replicating those Game Of Thrones Hairstyles.

Jon Snow

Tipped by many to be the breakout star of the show; Jon Snow actor Kit Harington has already enjoyed big screen success in the award winning War Horse. Harington sports a well-coiffured, unkempt look throughout the series. To replicate this style; ask a master barber to curl the hair slightly to create a natural looking spring. Short and stylish stubble will complete this look.

Jaime Lannister

The arrogant anti-hero; Jaime Lannister splits opinion as readily as he splits skulls. Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has channelled the bad boy blonde locks of Lost character James Sawyer. The look requires an undercut from your barber before vigilante back combing. Although his character has facial hair for the majority of the television series, this is mostly due to his captivity. A clean shave will complement this smart and smooth look.


A dilemma that many men face when they produce their first grey hairs is how to adapt their style. George Clooney has long been the standard-bearer for the silver fox who can retain their popularity with the opposite sex as grey hairs rear their heads. Littlefinger actor Aidan Gillen offers a short and smart style that is perfect for the newly grey haired. A barber will be able to keep the hair tight to the sides whilst allowing more length on top. This will create natural lines that will draw the attention to the face.

Robert Baratheon

The more portly amongst us could benefit from following the footsteps of Mark Addy. His Robert Baratheon character bulges and oozes wealth. Keeping the hair short and neat but caring closely for the facial hair creates a tough and traditional look. This beard serves to hide the additional chins that he has grown as a direct result of his love of food and wine.

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