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The snow finally seems to be behind us. After a seemingly eternal winter; the clouds have parted and the sun has started to rear its head. Men all around the country are rejoicing as they can finally chop off their long locks grown in the winter to cover their ears and extremities. Here are seven of the best holiday haircuts to take abroad this year.

The Classic Shaved Head

It’s a staple of the summer months and warmer climes. The classic shaved head suits most men and it incredibly easy to care for. Get it done at a barber shop for a neater and more accurate cut. Leaving it to the hands of a mate with a pair of clippers dug out of his bottom draw could result in tragedy for all involved.

Shaved Head with Quiff

This look adds length to the head so is perfect for those conscious about having a slightly rounded head. A master barber can help retain the neat shape of the hair atop the head. This look can be considered the sensitive version of the classic shaved head.

The Side Parting

If you have been sporting the country-gent look during the winter months; the short side parting is the perfect continuation of this look for the summer months. Regular cuts can keep this neat look at its ever-best.

The ‘Tin-tin’

Shaved on the sides and scissor cut on top; the ‘Tin-Tin’ is the middle ground between the first two entries on this list. This look is ideal for people who are considering a shaved look but are not 100% confident in the shape of their head.

The Faux Hawk

Not just the sole domain of the punks and the goths, the Mohawk has become a style icon in its own right. A short Faux Hawk is ideal for the summer months and the lessened amount of hair will not get in the way of the summer breeze intoxicating the head.

The Slick Rick

Television programmes such as Boardwalk Empire have returned the slicked back look to the forefront of fashion. No longer the private cut of the seedy old man. Shaved sides and slick back top creates a look that is both professional and fun.


Sharp Edges

A favourite of Theo Walcott; the sharp edge cut works wonders for those with darker hair. A designer barber can style the hair to add definition between the hair and the face. The sharp edge is usually partnered by a short, breezy, summer look.

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