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While you may think facial hair is just about growing a beard and leaving it, this couldn’t be further from the truth and just like you have clothes to fit your body type, your facial hair should be suited to your face shape.

Whether you are growing a beard or a moustache they should be correctly maintained and grown to suit not only the shape of your face but also your style of dress and your haircut.

Oval Face

Those with an oval face can carry off most looks, when it comes to both facial hair and hairstyles. As the face is symmetrical and every feature is properly aligned, any hairstyle will suit your face and your facial hair depends more on the style you choose rather than the shape of your face. For those with a thick head of hair a small amount of facial hair will create the best proportions and anything from a goatee to a neat moustache will complement your features.

Rectangular Face

A rectangular face is usually long and rather narrow, meaning your hair will be most flattering if it is slightly longer on top and perhaps with a slight fringe. Your facial hair should match the style of your hair and a long full beard is unlikely to complement your face. Try a neatly trimmed beard, which will help to shorten the face. A straight, neat moustache will also shorten the face, however don’t let it grow too long as it could start to drown the rest of your face out.

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