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Time for the Kings Barbers Club Guide to Keeping Cool During The Heatwave. Holiday haircuts are commonly sought at this time of year, but those of us who do not have any plans to gallivant in the sun may have neglected the habitual summer haircut.

However with temperatures rising above those found in holiday hotspots across Europe, the English have more reason than any to chase the sweet release of a short and airy haircut. Here are a few styles and tips to picking the right haircut this summer.

Still Sporting the Winter Beard?

Those who are channeling the spirit of Chuck Norris on their jaw may be reluctant to lose their embodiment of masculinity just because the sun is rearing its head. Correct care and courtesy will allow the bearded man to keep his facial hair through even the hottest of days. You barber will be able to keep your beard thinner and shorter to allow more air to the skin underneath. By using hair conditioner on the beard, tangles and split ends will be eradicated and so would the irritation that is brought forth.

Don’t Fancy a Skinhead?

Summer haircuts are simplistic for men who like to keep their hair shaved short and cool, however there are a significant number of men who do not feel comfortable wearing such a hairstyle. Other hairstyles can suffice just as aptly though without the same appearance. Shaved sides with longer hair on top completely changes the look and shape of a man’s face and whilst allowing significant air to the head of the wearer.

Long Hair Lover?

Despite the warm weather and the relative discomfort that comes with the heat, many long-haired men are still reluctant to drastically alter their appearance and choose to retain their long locks. A designer hairdresser will be able to keep long hair thin enough so it does not retain significant amounts of heat and may be more comfortable for the wearer. Brushing will also keep the hair from tangling and developing tangles which will only serve to irritate long-haired, as will hair conditioning.

Worried about Melting Gel?

One of the more unpleasant by-products of wearing hair gel is the small globs that appear when the hair becomes wet from water or sweat, this is particular prevalent when the weather is warm. Switching to drier hair products such as hair mud or putty can alleviate this risk and help keep the hair in place and feeling cool.

Back To School Hairstyle