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Last month Kings Barbers Club was invited to attend ‘Boost Your Business’ UK Summer Tour. An event held by Facebook to help small businesses learn how to use Facebook for business.

The event was hosted in Birmingham which is home to a number of our barbershops so we were humbled to be invited to join a Q&A panel. Out of the three businesses that were asked to join the panel, we were the only business actually from Birmingham.

We were invited along with beauty salon The Barn and PACT Coffee to join Ciaran Quilty, SMB Director of Facebook EMEA to talk about Facebook and how we use social media for business.

From the event we were asked questions about our strategies and we also learned from other businesses. Each business has to have a different social media strategy, there is rarely a one strategy fits all. It was interesting to listen to the other panellists to learn how they used Facebook for business.

Kings Barbers Facebook

Facebook is a very beneficial social media tool for us as we share information about our business, we engage with our customers and we spread brand awareness.

Since we started Kings Barbers Club, Facebook has been an important media for us and we are proud to see how our business has grown with Facebook.

Over the last couple of years we have seen what our followers like to see, we learn what kinds of posts work and what don’t.

We enjoy sharing our latest haircuts from our customers who aren’t camera shy as it gives our customers the chance to show off their new look and our barbers can also show off their talent.

We were very honoured to attend the Boost Your Business event and it was a great opportunity to listen to other businesses who have benefited from Facebook.

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