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Almost every issue of clothing, fashion and style magazines seem to include a spread dedicated to the apparel choices of yachtsmen and those aboard luxury seafaring vessels. This puzzling target audience makes up a very minute percentage of the general public so the relevancy net that they are spreading seems incredibly small.

However it is also targeting the aspirational members of society who long to be the privileged and smooth skinned habitants of the boat. However, boating chic goes far beyond swim trunks and sunglasses, here is the Kings Guide To Seafaring Style.

Short Cropped Hair with Beard

It’s the best of both worlds: the rugged journeyman sailor and the well-kempt sophisticated yachting enthusiast; short cropped hair with a beard ticks all the boxes. The beard indicates a relaxed lifestyle whilst the short hair retains a professional sensibility. Ask your barber to keep your beard at a slightly longer length to add to the effect of a full beard grown on your travels and fuel the adventurer spirit within.

The Bleached-Hair Seaman

Two of the most common side-effects of spending a long time aboard a yacht are imparted by the sun: bronzed skin and naturally bleached hair. The sun’s UV rays can slowly change the colour of the hair, lightening it slightly. A designer hairdresser can help you achieve the look by softly bleaching the body of your hair whilst keeping the roots their traditional dark colour.

The High-Class Seafarer

The older gentleman in particular can achieve an attractive style by basing their looks on that of a stereotypical yachtsman. Even if your hair is beginning to grey or has gone completely white, this look can still be achieved. Allow your hair to grow to about 5 inches long. Then back comb this hair continuously with a small amount of wax. It is important that the style looks naturally and shaped only by the wind, so choose a wax that do not leave a greasy appearance. Top off with a seafaring cap to complete the look.

The Ben Ainslie

What better way to achieve the appearance of a seafaring gent than to seek inspiration from the country’s most famous seafaring gent. The simplistic Ben Ainslie look can be achieved by keeping the hair short and even the whole way around. Slightly brush this hair back and to the left to complete the look.

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