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There is a tendency amongst many men to grow long hair during the winter months. Many of these men believe that long, thick hair and beards can help keep them warm and protect them against the harsh conditions of the winter. The grizzly appearance becomes a common sight during the colder months of the year as the look of an intrepid Arctic explorer gains popularity. For some, this style is usually just a temporary fix.

The first sunny day of the year after the winter months is often accompanied by the first appearance of the hair clippers. The beard and long locks are cut in favour of a shorter and cooler look as the sun appears. However, there will be many men who cut off their trusted long hair with a heavy heart.

Acquiring a taste for the caveman look, a lot of men will be sad to see it go but understand the practical implications of long hair in the spring and the summer. However, there are some methods which could help the devotedly facial-haired retain their prized features during the summer months.

Those with particularly thick hair may suffer during the summer months. Uncomfortable and irritable long hair may cause higher levels of stress in warmer weather. Those few can ask their barber to thin out their hair. This will ensure that the hairstyle retains its length but will not be as uncomfortable. The thickness will return so the procedure needs to be repeated a number of times through the summer months.

Hairdressers will be able to neaten up the hairstyle as well. Removing split ends will help keep the hair straighter and easier to maintain. Split ends can lead to the hair become tangled and uncomfortable. Help lower the risks of split ends by applying conditioner to the hair. Conditioner keeps the hair moist and healthy.

Conditioner can also be applied to the beard to keep it soft and smooth. This will reduce the irritation that can be caused by thick and tangled facial hair. Eucalyptus oil can similarly be applied to remove additional irritation. Designer barbers can help keep facial hair neat and manageable by removing the excess hair.

Many people may believe that hats are primarily to be used in the winter months as a means to retain heat. However, hats can be used to protect the head from the warmth of the sun. Thin, light-coloured hats can help the head remain cool even in the warmest of climates.

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