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The wedding season is well and truly upon us. As flowers begin to bloom and a warmth creeps into the air, the number of people swapping nuptials increases exponentially. The veteran wedding attender will well know that everything has to be perfect on the big day and nothing can go amiss. This includes every small detail right down to the haircuts of the men in the wedding party.

Matching suits, ties and shoes are not just enough; sometimes the wedding party’s male members are expected to all wear the same style of hair. This can be a struggle for wedding parties that contain men of all ages and appearances as they will favour their individual styles. Here are a few hair styles that can help all members of the wedding party look and feel great.

The Side Parting

The quintessentially smart haircut; the side parting screams class and sophistication. Perfectly suited to men and boys of all ages, this simplistic haircut creates a uniform sense of style. A barber will simply neaten up the cut and help thing out the hair to ensure that all the cuts are in-keeping with one another. The hairdresser will help thin out thick hair so it is easier to control and possible to keep neat.

The Shaved Back and Sides

The shaved back and sides style can help lengthen the face. This is particularly useful for members of the family who may be blessed with slightly rounder faces. Lengthening out the faces to the same lengths can help create a sense of consistency throughout the wedding party. A designer hairdresser can help trim the facial hair to complement the hair styles.

Shaved Head and Stubble

This style only works when the wedding party is made up entirely of men who are able to grow sufficient facial hair. Shaving the hair and facial hair to the same length helps frame the face and adds a consistent neatness throughout the appearances. The only problem that men sporting a shaved head at a wedding may encounter is older aunties insisting on giving it a quick friendly rub every 10 minutes.

These styles can help create photographs that will be cherished for a very long time and inspire a sense of pride. And ultimately, matching haircuts will make the ladies present very happy and that is one of the biggest factors of the important day.

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