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Men’s Hair Trends in 2020: Find Your New Style!

New Year has been and Gone, and your Hair probably feels Dried out after months of harsh weather, not much Vitamin D and lots of long ‘Dusk till Dawn’ Nights out.

While we can’t do much about the cold weather, we can help get your hair back to its full glory: healthy, refreshed and on-trend, ready for spring 2020.

Not sure what’s on-trend?

Well it’s your lucky day.

We’ve put together a quick run-down

of the top 2020 styles.

Longer locks all the way


Surprised to see curtains are on-trend again? Don’t be.

We’re not talking about nineties boy band curtains.

These are loosely styled, embracing a natural wave for a relaxed, chilled-out look. Need some inspiration?

Timothée Chalamet is the stand-out celeb

when it comes to the curtains revival.

Top tip

Curtains work well with central and offset partings, so ask your barber which will best suit you before you get your restyle.

Ask for plenty of movement – it’s all about the natural wave.

French Crop

You can breathe a sigh of relief: the ever popular French crop isn’t going anywhere. And why would it? It’s a timeless classic. And it’s versatile enough to look great all year round. Yes, we know it is traditionally a shorter hairstyle but to stay on-trend try to keep it slightly longer on top. We’re not talking flowing locks but just enough length to give it an edge, something to add texture.

Top tip

Don’t make a big deal out of styling it. The beauty is in its simplicity. Towel dry your hair and run a small amount of clay through it on your fingertips.

Contemporary Afro

Refresh your afro for 2020 by ​​keeping it sharp, short and tidy on the back and sides with faded, neat edges. On top, embrace the awesomeness that is the natural afro. That means keeping those curls looking fresh and healthy, with a bit of bounce. In a nutshell: the contemporary afro is healthy hair, at its natural best, with a bit of style.

Top tip

Decide how neat you want the finished style to look and ask for a taper or fade to match. Be sure to tell your barber that you want to keep the top looking natural. Wash, dry and condition once or twice a week and replenish oils by applying coconut oil or olive oil spray. If you haven’t already, invest in a sponge brush and fibre cream – they’ll effortlessly create a natural look with volume and bounce.

Messy Mid-Length

If you’re a fan of messy hair, this is the one for you. It looks good on almost everyone and needs very little effort to style to perfection. Choose the messy mid-length when you want longer locks that have that tousled A-lister vibe.

Top tip



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Ask your barber for a square layered cut – and don’t cheap out on the products you use. Treat yourself to a decent shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking and feeling immaculate. And remember…towel drying is your new best friend!

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