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Inspired by men like Ryan Gosling, who is a permanent fixture on top 10 lists of women all around the world, blokes are dying their hair in record numbers. Despite hair care product sales falling, blonde dye sales have rocketed in the past year.

One in five men now say that they dye their hair, compared to 14% in 2012. There is a big increase in both men dyeing their hair at home and going to a designer barber to have their hair dyed.

Analysts are reporting that the likes of Gosling and I’m a Celebrity winner Kian Egan are the spur which have triggered this new fashion.

This is in stark contrast to the fortunes endured by hair care items such as razors and aftershaves which have suffered a fall in sales. This has been attributed to the so-called ‘Mumford Effect’ – the hipster fashion wherein men are eschewing close shaves for a more rugged and scruffy.

Fortunately, whilst facial hair has been neglected, the modern man still respects the hair atop his head and is taking more care than ever to ensure that it is looking good. This is great news for skilled barbers who crave the challenges that more extravagant hairstyles with different colours and dyes will present.

A spokesperson for Mintel, who commissioned the research, said: “The hair colourants market can benefit from the interest in fashion, such as the trend towards bleaching hair. Younger men are the most likely to use hair colourants, suggesting the motive is fashion focused rather than to cover grey hairs.

“The male hair colourant market can expand into more fashion-forward colours, and utilising apps allowing men to virtually try on hair styles can encourage experimentation in this area. A number of younger male celebrities, including actor Ryan Gosling and musician Chris Brown, have recently bleached their hair blonde, suggesting there could be room for more fashion-oriented home hair dye products targeting younger men.”

It remains to be seen whether the trend will continue into bleached beards like the one sported by ex-Liverpool and Sunderland striker Djibril Cisse.

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