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In recent years more men have been visiting the barbers to receive their regular trim and for additional grooming treatments.

At Kings Barbers Club, we understand the importance of having an establishment that focuses solely on male hair care needs. Now, more men in the UK are spending their hard earned cash to receive premium grooming.

It’s a new trend that men are visiting the barbers more often. Between the 1880’s and 1940’s barber shops were places men could visit and socialise with other men. Barber shops were crafted as luxury locations for men to relax, they could sit in a Belmont Barber Chair and have their cut-throat shave.

After the flourishing success of Gillette shavers in 1909 and the promotion to do cheaper home shaving, the popularity of the barber shop dwindled. What was the point in going to the barbers when you could shave in the comfort of your home?

The joy of barbering was receding like a receding hair line.

It was over half a century later, in the 1960’s when the barbering industry had a growth spurt. The success of The Beatles made men want to style their hair like the rock band and they shaved off their beards.

The barber shops have remained however in the previous decade they have certainly benefited from men’s growing interest in hair and facial grooming. Nowadays, men want the same styles as their favourite sport icons and celebrities. David Beckham, in particular, has led the fashion trend for many men.

The Daily Telegraph has reported more men are showing interest in their hair. They claim,

“Men have given the UK’s hair and beauty industry a boost this year, as they become more confident about venturing from the barber’s chair to other forms of male grooming” and it has been reported takings from barbers has increased substantially.

Many men have a general interest in their hair style and caring regiment but it is clear there has been an incredible increase in the hair and beauty industry for men in recent years. Some barbers have had to decrease their prices in response to the recession however there has been a clear increase in men visiting their store for their trim.

More men want to visit the barbers and feel confident buying beauty products.

Beauty products can have connotations that they are solely for women but they aren’t. With the increase of sales, it’s evident more men feel comfortable buying products for their hair.

With Movember, men want to know how to style and care for their beards. Why does TLC just have to be for women’s hair care?

King’s Barbers Club is reviving the treasured atmosphere of traditional barber shops. It’s a place for men to socialise and be treated to premium hair care in classical Belmont Barber Chairs. Visit one of our stores and treat your hair to the style it deserves.

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