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We are perched on the edge of Movember, looking down at a month where razors will be banished to the back of the bathroom cabinet and moustaches are allowed to flourish naturally. Despite the underlying theme being an act of charity to help men suffering from cancer, there are plenty of opportunities for you and your friends to have a little fun this November with your different-paced moustaches.

There is a fantastic selection of official and unofficial events and parties being held this Movember to get you in the moustache-growing spirit. From parties held by the official Mo Bro’s to the cacophony of hastily thrown together moustache parties held by the proud moustache growers themselves; there is bound to be an event on your doorstep allowing you to show off your mo.

Official Gala Partés are being held by the Movember team up and down the country at the end of the month to recognise the great contribution made to the cause by the general public. Every person who has raised at least £80 for Movember will receive a free ticket and those who have raised £120 will receive two free tickets.

These events will also offer awards to the individuals who have made significant contributions to the Movember cause – both men and women! Awards will be given to those who best embody the spirit of the cause and those who have grown the finest moustaches throughout the month – the awards on offer are Ultimate Mo, Lame Mo, Team Mo, Mo Bro & Mo Sista, Best Mo in Character, Miss Movember and Man of Movember – the ultimate award.

The Movember charity is also organising Mo Running events wherein participants are invited to take part in a sponsored runs throughout the country from Glasgow Green to Greenwich Park. The Mo Bro’s stress that these events are not races and should be attacked with a glorious team spirit.

The final and easily the most common Movember event is the unofficial party held in homes, pubs, student unions and parks all around the country where Mo Bro’s come together and celebrate the glorious bush of hair sitting above the top lip of each of his comrades. If you can’t get to an official Movember event, there is almost certainly a Mo party being held somewhere near and if there is not, then just host your own. In the spirit of giving and brotherhood, go mo!

Movember Top Styles 2013