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Nearing the halfway mark of Movember, the fortunate amongst you will be playing host to upper-lip hair that can be legitimately called a moustache rather than just a fuzzy shadow. Now is the time to decide in which direction to take your moustache and what style would suit you best. Here are some of the best Movember styles to inspire you.

The Ron Burgundy

San Diego’s finest news anchor Ron Burgundy is as famous for his moustache as he is for his snappy one-liners and flute playing abilities. Similar to the Tom Sellack, the Burgundy mo is simple, classic, masculine and strong with its neat and straight lines. Keep the mo cut short and neat and combed down. The mo should cover the top lip and be cut along the separation of the mouth.

The Walrus

This look is perhaps reserved for only the most virile and testosterone-driven individuals capable of growing great lengths of moustache hair in a short period of time. The Walrus goes a few steps further than The Burgundy and grows past the mouth. Keep the central part of the mo trimmed, to allow food to safely pass into the mouth whilst retaining the length and bushiness. This look requires the aid of a skilled barber to neatly trim the long whiskers to ensure an even look.

The Hulk Hogan

The blonde participants in Movember may feel left out due to a shortage of blonde moustached role models for them to emulate – fortunately Hulk has got them covered. This blonde handlebar moustache somehow eschewed its camp 1970s connotations and became the embodiment of masculinity during Hogan’s prime years as the World’s most famous wrestler. Simply shave away any excess hair until your moustache looks like a scaled-down football goal.

The Strongman

A more masculine version of Hercule Poirot’s famous mo, the strongman requires a small quantity of wax to curl up the thin ends of an otherwise bushy and thick mo. It may be preferable to seek the aid of a hair stylist first and foremost to help build and define the shape, especially if this is your first time growing a moustache of substance.

The Pencil

This look only works for those with particularly dark hair, otherwise it can disappear under as little as a light shadow. Shave away your moustache until only a thin line exists above the top lip. A steady hand is needed for this job because one slip and the tache is gone!

Choose The Style To Suit Your Mo