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If you’re looking for an award winning hair product, with excellent all day hold, you can’t go far wrong with ,Muk!

, ,,Muk,,, is an exciting Australian hair care brand who only supply professional Barbershops and Hair Salons.,, ,,,Founded in 2006 in Melbourne (Australia), Muk embarked on a journey to create a brand that stood out in an already saturated haircare market. Their vison was to create a range that was not only the best on the market, but would out perform current market leaders.,, ,,,Muk launched it’s first product, ,,Hard Muk,,, in 2006 which became an overnight success. With it’s brightly coloured packaging and tongue and cheek names, the brand caused quite a stir among the professional hair care market.,, ,,,12 years on and Muk have become a market leader with an award winning range catering to all hairtypes.

Muk not only creates great products, but at the very core has a strong core values and remains imdependantly owned, Making it a great fit for Kings Barbers Club.

Muk is 100% against Animal Cruelty and testing and has been accredited by PETA.. Although some of the range contains Beeswax and Lanolin, these products are unsuitable for Vegan use, However their the Muk Spa Argan range has been developed to be 100% vegan.

The Muk Range – Available at Kings Barbers Club Online and In store

Hard Muk (Red) in a 95g Tin – Ideal for thicker styles that require an all day brutal hold with a Matte Finish


Filthy Muk Matte Clay now available at Kings Barbers Club, United Kingdom

Filthy Muk (Purple) in a 95g Tin – Ideal for creating a textured finish with an all day hold that won’t flake.


Raw Muk Matte Clay now available at Kings Barbers Club, United Kingdom

Raw Muk (blue) in a 95g Tin – Perfect for a look that requires a strong hold with a slight shine.


Muk Sea Salt Spray now available at Kings Barbers Club, United Kingdom

Muk Sea Salt Spray in a 250ml Spray Action Bottle is ideal for adding texture and thickness to fine or lifeless hair. A perfect accompaniment to any Muk Styling product.


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