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Whether you are an experience mo bro or a first time newbie, with 10 days to go until the start of Movember – it is definitely time to start the prep work and consider what you will be needing for your perfect Movember tache.

Get Support

The first thing is easily the most important. Get all of your friends involved with your Movember attempt – whether they are also attempting to grow their own facial fuzz or are simply offering monetary or spiritual help. Growing a moustache in tandem with co-workers or friends will give you the added drive to continue throughout the month and be the best moustache grower you can be. Turn the month into a demi-competition and see who out of you and your mo bros can grow the best mo.

Additionally, the support of a boss or supervisor will be incredibly helpful if you work somewhere that does not traditionally allow facial hair.

Invest in Hair Care Products

There is no reason why you can’t go through Movember looking anything less than your best and find out how a moustache can work for you. Keep tangles at a minimum by regularly combing your moustache with a specialist moustache comb. Conditioning your moustache with a small amount of hair conditioner can also help eliminate unwanted tangles and keep the moustache smooth and soft. Both of these techniques will also serve to remove any irritation and make the whole month even more pleasurable.

Find a Specialist Barber

This is especially important for those of you who have prodigious facial hair growing skills, keeping your moustache trimmed and in check can help keep up appearances and make the month even more enjoyable. Barbers who specialise in facial hair care can trim your moustache neatly and precisely – something that can be difficult to do by yourself whilst staring in the mirror. A designer barber will also be able to shape the mo into any desired shape or style should you particularly desire a dramatic handlebar moustache or a precise Poirot.

Make it Count

Movember is first and foremost a charitable event that raises money for a number of worthy causes, so it is important that you chase up sponsorships and donations. Ask around your group of friends, co-workers and acquaintances beforehand and get the them signed up to make monetary contributions to the worthy causes represented by Movember. And make sure that you have fun with it all.

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