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A recent New York study has identified a molecule called ‘lamamins 115’ – a protein that tells hair follicles to come out of retirement and start growing new hair.

Researchers claim that this could lead to the cosmetic Holy Grail: a solution to genetic baldness. As an added bonus, the protein could be used for hair loss due to chemotherapy or severe burns.

It’s still early days however, as using the molecule has only so far been tested on mice, who have a different type of hair growth to humans. As yet it isn’t clear as to whether the same method used on balding men will work. If it does, then the same molecule that initiates the hair growing process, could be used to carry it on in later life.

More than 95% of loss of hair in men is due to ‘male pattern baldness’, which is distinguishable by a hairline that recedes from the forehead and a thinning of the hair on the crown.

Despite the frantic studies of scientists everywhere, a one-size-fits-all method of preventing hair loss has yet to be discovered.

There is one way around the seemingly unavoidable issue, but it’ll cost you. More and more celebrities are admitting to paying tens of thousands for hair transplants, to restore their mane back to its former glory.

One of hair transplanting’s most famous poster boys Wayne Rooney took a ‘no shame’ approach when he received follicular unit extraction, tweeting a picture of his newly decorated scalp for all to see.

He tweeted “Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. I’m delighted with the result.

“It’s still a bit bruised and swollen when it dies down u will be first to see it. Anyone recommend any good hair gel. Haha”.

X-factor Louis Walsh told fans that he’d splashed out on a whopping £30,000 for his transplant surgery, while Dancing on Ice’s Jason Gardiner is such an advocate of the method that he allowed his second procedure to be broadcast live on the internet.

But for those who don’t have a spare £30,000 or so in the bank, the definitive cure for baldness is still as yet out of reach.

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