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Spoil Yourself This Summer, indulge in your appearance and make the most of what nature gave you. The opportunity to bask in the sun inspires millions of men around the world to improve their personal maintenance routines in a (sometimes redundant) bid to increase their attractiveness. Here are a few tips for spoiling yourself this summer and making the most of the sun-filled months.

Get a Real Tan

If the sun is out, make the most of it. Fake tanning booths, beds and creams can often to lead to an unnatural looking tan. Ensure that you have property protected your skin and then make for the parks or the garden. It also serves as a far more social trip than one to the tanning salon. A tan can bring out the natural glow in the skin and pigmentation. Furthermore, tanned skin can help teeth, eyes and fingernails appear cleaner and whiter.

Keep the Hair Short and Neat

Long hair on the head and the body can be a saviour in the winter to keep yourself warm. However, in the summer months, it can feel sticky and uncomfortable. Keep the hair short and thin to allow air and wind to cool you down. Regular hair upkeep in a barber will keep you looking at your sharpest and you hair cut to its coolest. A designer barbershop will also maintain your facial hair in a neat and attractive manner. If you want to go the extra mile, a professional waxer will be able to rid the body of all unsightly and uncomfortable hair. Although it can be a little painful, so it is perhaps best to reserve this just before a holiday or special event.

Increase the Tricep Work Out

The triceps can often get overlooked during a summer workout that is designed around improving the appearance of the arms and the density of the muscle mass. However, the triceps can often be even more effective at improving the appearance of muscle density as they push the biceps upwards. This will be particularly important if you are planning on spending a significant amount of time in short sleeved tops and vests.

Gradually Improve your Summer Wardrobe

There is a tendency among men to overhaul the summer wardrobe with cheaper clothing options at the start of every June. Come September though, these clothes are often thrown out or forgotten about. Invest in a few pieces of high-quality summer fashion every year to build an enviable summer wardrobe.

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