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Time for a quick look at Wimbledon Hair Styles. The most famous fortnight in tennis is back for its yearly appearance as Wimbledon takes shape. Whilst the country gets behind Andy Murray again to try and force him over the line and become the first male British Wimbledon champion for nearly 80 years, more than a chanced glimpse is afforded other players on the court. The ladies competition has long drawn admiring stares from the male members in the audience for many years thanks to their short skirts and athletic builds.

However, since Bjorn Borg’s mega mullet, the men’s game has increasingly come under scrutiny for the haircuts displayed by the game’s top players. Here are five of Wimbledon’s most Iconic haircuts.

Andre Agassi

Maybe the quintessential over-correction, Andre Agassi went from having a mullet that Pat Sharp and Chris Waddle would have fought over to shaving it all off. Sometimes when you have got something very wrong, it is best to go back to square one and start again as Agassi did when he asked his barber for a #1 all over.

Dustin Brown

Tennis has seldom had laid-back characters in the same vein as German/Jamaican Dustin Brown. With his long flowing dreadlocks and easy going demeanour, he is a welcome relief in a sport that is far too often characterised by stuff Englishman in straw hats and tantrum-throwing prima donnas.

John McEnroe

… and when it comes to throwing tantrums, there has never been anyone finer than John McEnroe. ‘You cannot be serious!’ bellowed at the top of bark has become this tennis star’s sound bite and legacy, but his curly mop of hair was he previous trademark and unmistakable calling sign. If you want to replicate McEnroe’s appearance if not his spiky personality, a designer hairdresser should be instructed to perm and build at will.

Bjorn Borg

Considered to be the first ‘rock star’ of tennis thanks to his devil-may-care attitude and long golden locks; Borg became as well-known for his appearance as his tennis, which is some accomplishment when you consider the fact he won Wimbledon an astonishing five times in a row. Made the long hair and headband a popular fashion for a period.

Rafael Nadal

Nadal burst onto the tennis scene looking like a feral beast that had been sired by a wolf and the Incredible Hulk. His pulsing muscles and unkempt long locks became a characterisation of his brutal and relentless style of tennis. Considered by many to be the greatest clay court tennis player of all time.

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