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Although it’s a hairstyle entering our modern world at the moment, the Pompadour is an all-time classic men’s hairstyle which was named after the mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour.

It was adopted by many women in the 18th Century and females dominated this hairstyle until the 1950’s when Elvis Presley was seen with the look and the rest, as they say, was history.

The style traditionally involves sweeping the hair upwards and away from the face the sides are then swept back and slicked. In today’s society this has been slightly adapted as many try to make their own stamp on the pompadour style.

You can experiment with this by alternating the length on the top whilst keeping the back and sides short and sharply cut. The hairstyle suits many men’s face and hair types as well as being appropriate for men of all ages but the variation between ages and the extremity of the cut obviously needs to be considered.

The classic pompadour involves having the back and sides cut shorter but not too short so that the scalp is on show and exposed. There should be a bit more length throughout the sides of the hair and make sure you take a look at the natural curve of the head and do not take the clippers beyond this.

In contrast the more modern and some say extreme pompadour requires a stylish to clipper the sides of your hair on a grade one. Some wanting to go more extreme opt for having no grade on the clippers but this is only for the base of where the haircut begins. Men’s hair should keep more hair through the top section but be clippered high into the curve of the head. You can wear this connected to the crown or completely unconnected which would allow for the hair to hang down below the crown area.

Justin Timberlake was seen sporting a pompadour in an editorial for T Magazine which was shot by Hedi Slimane – Saint Laurent’s Creative Director. Combining this factor and the fact that Justin was voted one of the best dressed men of 2013 the style took off and the cut became an instant classic but with a contemporary twist.

Now major celebrities have been seen sporting a more modern pompadour including David Beckham and who can blame them; it’s a timeless classic and extremely versatile set to become extremely popular throughout 2014 and especially a hairstyle for Summer!

We recommend that to keep your pompadour hairstyle looking great then you need to ensure you get the back and sides tidied up every couple of weeks although this will vary according to how fast your hair growth is.

Get the look – get the pompadour hairstyle today and become a hairstyle icon of 2014!

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