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The names of the Academy Awards’ winners and losers are plastered across newspapers and websites this morning. Daniel Day Lewis’ record-breaking achievements in particular have warranted newsworthy status. However, many of the lesser victors’ successes have been shunted towards the latter pages of newspaper in favour of fashion disasters and victories.

As is the annual tradition, haircuts and styles have been lavishly praised and lambasted from all corners.

Here are some of 2013′s best and worst Oscar hairstyles.

The Best

Stepping away from his bosom buddy Matt Damon; Ben Affleck has matured. Eschewing his N Sync-lite appearance of the past 15 years; Affleck has grown a full and masculine beard. Keeping his hair tight and neat, he has avoided the homeless look that haunts many full beard growers. The full beard is becoming a rival to the neat stubble look that has been a Barber favourite for a number of years.


After the success of Harry Potter; Daniel Radcliffe has had a bit of trouble adapting to new appearances and styles. Seemingly stuck in the transitional, teenage boy period of his life; Radcliffe has displayed some unusual style choices. The Oscars last night represented an opportunity to put those style choices behind him and he duly delivered. A tight side parting provided a smart and stylish look. A master Barber will be able to replicate the appearance by keeping the cut neat and thinning the hair where necessary.

The Worst

Paul Rudd is usually a safe pair of hands when it comes to style. Keeping things simple and likeable; Rudd has long been a favourite on the red carpet by marrying sharp suits with sharp haircuts. Last night however, his long and droopy haircut disappointed his litany of fans and followers. The long, floppy hair look is best paired with board shorts and vest rather than a stylish tuxedo. Hopefully, his old pal Bradley Cooper will be able to give him some fashion tips.

Runner Up

We realise he is getting on, but Dustin Hoffman must still be allowed to visit a designer hairdresser. His upwards spiked grey hair makes him look like a mad professor in training. Whilst many men his age are choosing to retire with Dignity; Hoffman seems determined to continue turning heads at awards ceremonies. Unfortunately for the Rain Man, it is for all the wrong reasons this time. Hopefully, he’ll strive for an improvement in 2014.

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