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Every so often a film comes along that redefines male style and sets the bar a little bit higher. Three years ago, Ryan Gosling tossed aside his chick flick past and delivered ‘Drive’, one of the most stylised and gripping films of the century and a million copycats were born. This year has already been stolen by the new Martin Scorsese film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ that has combined action with style to give the legendary director his highest grossing film of his career.

With an all-star cast, here is a guide to replicating the award-winning style of the leading men.

Leonardo DiCaprio

It’s nearly 20 years since Leo was first plastered over every teenage girl’s bedroom wall after starring in the incredible cringe-fest Titanic. Thankfully, he’s grown up, chopped of the curtains and become one of the coolest men in Hollywood. For The Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio has adopted a smart, business-like slicked back style that is easy to copy for those with straight hair. Keeping it short on the sides and short-medium on the top, wax your hair diagonal backwards away from a crisp, sharp side parting.

Jonah Hill

For the slightly geekier or curly haired amongst you, there is always the Jonah Hill option. The actor eschewed his million dollar contracts to be paid minimum (for a lead actor) wage for the opportunity to be a part of this film. Those with curly hair can replicate his look by blow drying your short-medium hair back every morning and adding a little wax to keep it in shape. Straight-haired folk may have to enquire about a perm from your favourite barber in order to achieve Jonah Hill style.

Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey’s hair is arguably the strongest date stamp in the film, helping people understand that it is very much set in the 1990s. It is almost Christian Bale from American Psycho-esque. If you wish to replicate this style, allow your hair to grow to a medium length, visiting the barber to keep it neat and in shape and persevere with a central parting then brush like mad from this parting backwards to almost create a wrap.

Kenneth Choi

Nobody’s hair represents the coiffured look of the 1990s like Kenneth Choi’s. His medium length hair is meticulously combed up and hair sprayed to create height and volume. Make sure that you keep the side parting straight to retain the extreme appearance of height on the top.

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