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A well cared-for and appointed facial hair styles can help a man achieve the look of rugged masculinity or classic gentlemen. Stylish beard and moustaches helps us identify the men from the boys. From the day that the first hair makes its tentative early steps onto the plain of the face, the desire to be the owner of an epic beard and moustache combo is born.

Having a beard can sometimes suggest a lackadaisical approach to life but it often requires considerable patience and care to achieve. Here is a list of some of the most timeless facial hair styles and how to achieve them.

The light beard and moustache circle is a subtle way to draw attention. This facial style is particularly useful for men who are concerned about skin that is prone to break-outs or a weak jaw-line. This beard and moustache style adds masculinity with the minimum of fuss. Ask your barber to style the general shape of the facial hair if you are not confident in doing so and shave around this shape as growth dictates. Use an electric razor to keep the facial hair light, short and neat.

Full stubble is the simplest look to achieve and helps promote the appearance of a blasé attitude. This relaxed look is often replicated by the stars of action movies and the catwalk. Lining the jaw accentuates the masculine shape of the face. Simply ask your barber to keep the shape in check whenever you visit for a cut.

An important factor in creating a timeless facial hair style is to be proud of the colour. Dyeing facial hair will only look unnatural and may be spotted by the eagle-eyed. George Clooney still gets admiring glances wherever he goes, despite (or maybe encouraged by) the grey in his beard. If the facial hair does not match the rest of the body’s hair then something will be obviously amiss and the rugged masculine style will be lost irreparably.

The success of Movember every year indicates not only the public’s dedication to charity but also the willingness to grow a moustache. Charity events such as public waxing may get the odd volunteer, but the widespread moustache growth suggests that many are just looking for an excuse to let the upper lip hair grow. A tidy moustache immediately adds an air of authority and maturity to a face.

Your barber will be able to keep the shape and neatness of your moustache in check. Kings Barbers Club is the home of professional barbers. Grow your beard and let us help you keep it tidy and trimmed.

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